Who we are

Quilted Gardens and Nursery started as an outgrowth of collecting and growing hostas, interesting perennials, unusual trees and shrubs, and an interest in unusual conifers. We have grown from a residential lot to a 10 acre nursery (as of April 2005) on the south side of Des Moines, IA. We are an independent nursery specializing in unusual and collector perennials, hostas, trees, shrubs and conifers.


Though we have gardens that are dedicated to dwarf and miniature conifers, and additional dwarf trees and shrubs, we provide more than just dwarf material to our customers. Unusual conifers, trees, and shrubs are a rapidly expanding portion of our nursery and gardens. Many variegated, gold, unusual form, and size (dwarf or miniature) conifers, trees and shrubs are available. We have planted over 100 trees throughout the gardens and yard. Many of these are available, some are being trialed for later introduction, and some are part of our personal collection, which we continue to grow. Flowering trees and shrubs are often overlooked for landscapes, so we are adding them to ours and providing them for customers.


Perennials fill out gardens, giving customers a chance to see mature specimens, and to provide ideas for perennial groupings. Currently we are working on collections of plants for rock gardens and container gardens. Sedums, Sempervivums, hardy ice plant, and newer Echinacea varieties are just a few of the perennials we have in gardens and available at the nursery.


In addition to plant materials we carry, we also carry garden art and accessories for the garden. Services we provide are landscape consultation and design, landscape installation, pond-less waterfall installation, speaking to groups, and seminar talks.


We invite you to come out and visit us, see what we have to compliment your garden community. Tours are always available with an appointment. Being an independent nursery we sometimes are on site at customer’s homes and businesses. We can’t list everything we carry, so scheduling a visit is always the best way to experience Quilted Gardens and Nursery, ‘Not just the Usual, but the Unusual, too’.


Not just the Usual, but the Unusual too!

1895 East Army Post Road
Des Moines, IA 50320-1817

Phone: (515) 288-6768
Email: info@quiltedgardens.com